It’s Time For RITE Change In Richmond, BC.

Richmond Independent Team of Electors (RITE) mission is to have a presence on City Council with a clear, honest and strong voice to ensure the public is heard. We will ensure we have democracy for the entire community and that all voices are represented. The people of Richmond want a strong, progressive city council that will act on what Richmond residents need: putting the fight against the pandemic first, economic recovery, bold action on the housing crisis, taking meaningful action on climate change, and ensuring that everyone in our community feels that their voices are being heard.The RITE Richmond team, includes on Council Michael Wolfe and Carol Day, and are committed to working for the RITE change in Richmond, BC.

*** Next election: Saturday, October 15, 2022 ***

Richmond by-election May 29th. Thank you, Karina Reid-RITE Richmond, for stepping up to the plate and putting your heart and soul into the May 29th by-election. Karina did fantastic for her first time running for City Council. Andy Hobbs topped the polls and won a seat on Richmond city council with 3,095 votes, about 23.8 per cent of all ballots cast, followed by Jonathan Ho with 2,785 votes, about 21.5 per cent, and, in third place, Karina Reid with 2,767 votes, about 21.3 per cent. Michael Wolfe and Carol Day have been hard at work on many issues on City Council, especially on the affordable housing crisis. In 2018 RITE Richmond ran a slate of four diverse candidates and a gender-balanced slate. We fought to protect farmland, the environment, improve civic infrastructure, affordable housing, online voting record, and work for a vibrant community network. We believe in transparency, accountability, and action. Contact us

Why You Should Vote For RITE Richmond

What We’re Doing For You

Please follow the work City Councillor Michael Wolfe and Carol Day are doing on City Council. Below is information on a  one year report card of the work Kelly Greene, Harold Steeves, Michael Wolfe and Carol Day completed in the first year on City Council as a collective team.
-Mega Houses limited to 4,300 sq ft
-Voted No to a $5,3000,000 lawn bowling clubhouse
-Online City Council voting record
-Voted for more affordable housing in Richmond Centre Mall redevelopment
-City declared a climate emergency and adopted United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) targets

Kelly Greene was elected in 2020 as the MLA for Richmond-Steveston. 

View online voting record here:

Richmond City Council Member: Michael Wolfe

Richmond City Council Member: Carol Day

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2022 Candidates

John Roston

— Mayoral Candidate —

The RITE Richmond team is proud to announce we have a Mayoral Candidate for the City of Richmond. John Roston is a proven leader and we are thrilled he has joined the RITE Richmond team to give the citizens of Richmond a choice for Mayor

— City Councillor Candidates —

Carol Day

Jerome Dickey

Michael Wolfe

Laura Gillanders