Candidates City Council Niti Sharma – Richmond City Councillor candidate

Niti Sharma – Richmond City Councillor candidate

“Affordable and Livable Neighbourhoods”

Niti Sharma for Richmond City Council - RITE Richmond I am originally from Delhi, India. I moved with my husband to Canada in 2002 and to Richmond in 2003. My early years in Canada were spent volunteering in language teaching classes but a bulk of these years was spent in raising my son, who is now a teenager.

Reading and writing have been my first loves but living on the west coast and walking by flower-filled gardens has given me an abiding interest in gardening. I love the un-manicured beauty of the Fraser Delta and Richmond’s dykes are one of my favourite places to walk.

I have postgraduate degrees in English literature, Education, and teaching ESL and I teach a writing class with the Burnaby School District Continuing Education department. I enjoy seeing my students find their voice and a sense of agency through writing, just as I have.

The pace and scale of new construction and unnecessary demolitions in Richmond compelled me to participate in discussions at city hall around taming the size of mega-mansions both on single family lots and on farmland.

As a concerned resident of Richmond, I’ve tried to remind policy makers and elected officials that bylaws need to allow for co-existence of different kinds of homes and that there is indeed a different paradigm of development which could create a city that fosters a diversity of living choices and is affordable, livable and sustainable.

I would like to be part of a democratic process where people living in this city who have opposed destructive development practices are represented in the political process so that the city works for everyone and does not leave anyone behind.

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