Why Education Is Crucial For Richmond’s Future
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Why Education Is Crucial For Richmond’s Future

Education is vital in establishing a healthy, democratic and pluralistic society. The purpose of our school system is “to enable all learners to become literate, to develop their individual potentials, and, to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a healthy, democratic and pluralistic society”.

How The Board Has An Impact On Education

The Richmond Board of Education is the policy-making body of the school district. It is responsible for the implementation of its policies, and the delivery of educational services and other programs needed by our children in our district. Putting the educational needs of our children first is a matter of utmost priority for the Board. It is very important that the members of the Board are focused on the needs of our learners, and on the educational support and services needed for our learners to realize their individual potentials.

We therefore need members of the Board who can put the needs of our children first, and can strongly advocate for them for their quality education.

The Progress We’ve Made On The Richmond Board of Education

I am privileged to have served the Richmond Board of Education for almost 6 years. In 2008, I campaigned for prudent fiscal management and good governance. I am pleased that I was able to help the district with the establishment of the audit committee, which is responsible for helping the board in financial reporting, information system and risk management, internal audit, external audit and budget process.

I also campaigned for more support for students in need. I am happy that I was able to bring to the attention of the Board the issue of child poverty in schools. It has created an awareness of the negative impact that child poverty has on students, and has prompted the Board to initiate some measures to address child poverty in the school district.

There are still lot of things to be done for our children’s education. I decided to run for re-election to help the Board accomplish more, especially with our RITE Richmond platform.

What I Stand For On Education

I believe in enabling our children’s individual potentials by providing them the best quality education. I will continue to advocate for stable and adequate funding for our students and staff. I will support engagement with our community and stakeholders and to take political actions as needed. I believe in fostering an inclusive and collaborative school environment.

I would like to continue my mission to ensure that the Richmond Board of Education provides the best quality education for all our children. Our children are our future and we must do what is necessary to give them the best learning environment possible.

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