Issues City Council Issues NEW Massey Tunnel

NEW Massey Tunnel

Well great news the province is well underway in the process the Steveston Hwy overpass, Bridgeport Road bus connection, Hwy 99 and 17a offramp widening and the Bus on shoulder Transit lanes on hwy 99 are all going out to tender. Construction will start soon !
Regarding the new tunnel crossing the Environmental assessment and the permitting process has started. This phase does take time and is a requirement before construction can start in 2026.
Please see attached some drawings of the proposed project, there will be time for the public to bring their ideas to the project team and when those open houses become public I will let you know.
Some of my concerns the pedestrian / cycling tube should be on the west side closest to where people live and work. I think that Rice Mill road should go through to Steveston hwy. The new BC Hydro power lines should be located in the new tunnel and NOT with tall lattice towers. Highway 99 southbound should have a Richmond only lane. I continue to lobby for elimination of the traffic light northbound off hwy 99 to Steveston hwy I would like to see either a clover leaf off ramp or a roundabout intersection.
Thank you,
Carol Day