Platform Small Business Plan

Small Business Plan

RITE Business plan

RITE is committed to working with all business to help them survive through this pandemic  and find ways to increase our network of businesses. Businesses are the essential of Richmond’s economy and we must ensure that these businesses are able to make it through this pandemic. That means responsible fiscal management, strong environmental stewardship, and innovation to foster new businesses and business models to thrive.
1.Working to ensure affordable business property tax rates and reviewing them in light of the
2.Continuing to expand opportunities for businesses to use outdoor and unconventional spaces to
ensure that they can operate safely.
3.A thriving economy is also key to our sustainable future; we need support our local economy and strengthen our city’s finances.

View The City of Richmond COVID-19 Economic Supports for Business Support Centre:

RITE Richmond is committed to working with business so we can become ” the place”  to own and operate a business. Shop and support local.