Platform RITE Business plan 2018

RITE Business plan 2018

RITE Business plan 2018

RITE is committed to working with all business partners  to find ways to increase our network of businesses. We have heard from many companies that have started new businesses in Richmond that is can be confusing to work through the process at city hall. RITE Richmond will  work towards hiring a new Business concierge to assist businesses through the various permits and business applications. The concierge will communicate with staff and ensure that the applications will move smoothly through the various departments. In an effort to expedite new business the Concierge will ascertain the requirements in advance and then liaise with the building department , license department etc. to keep the process moving and reduce red tape.

Businesses need to feel welcome in every way and the new concierge will be modeled after our film department which prearranges policing, locations and connects the film makers with all of the departments that they will require permits or application from. Richmond is a popular site for movies, TV series and such because we have dedicated staff to serve them This successful model could easily be adapted to working with new businesses.

All businesses should feel welcome and well served and it is our goal to do exactly that. Our location so close to the airport makes expanding our business base very attractive to many types of businesses. The Canada line rapid transit system is useful to employees and we need to work with transit to create better connections to the Canada line through smaller shuttles and buses that will take employees to their final destination.

RITE Richmond is committed to working with business so we can become ” the place”  to own and operate a business. Councillor Carol Day has operated a business for 42 years and her experience will be a asset for this new business plan.