RITE Richmond Announces 3 Action Plans To Finalize Election Platform
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RITE Richmond Announces 3 Action Plans To Finalize Election Platform

RICHMOND, BC – RITE Richmond city council candidates Carol Day and Michael Wolfe announced the remaining action plans to finalize their 2014 municipal election platform: The Accountable Government Plan, the Agricultural Enhancement Plan and Electoral Reform.

The Accountable Government Plan will push for audits of each department with public access to results. It will also include a review of potential duplication of services within City Hall and a staff study on how councillor costs and expenses compare to other cities.

“It’s about time that the city, and especially City Council, demonstrate to the public their effectiveness,” said Day. “The employees of the City of Richmond are the ones working the everyday problems, and they need to have access to Richmond City Council, with their good ideas to improve efficiency and cost savings.  Their good work should be rewarded through a viable and consistent reward program.”

The Agricultural Enhancement Plan will ensure that Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) is used respectfully for farming. It includes a mentorship program and incentives to promote food security. Farming opportunities will be created through a partnership with the Richmond School District and Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Through Electoral Reform, the RITE Richmond team will ask the City of Richmond and City Council to lobby to the Provincial Government and Elections BC to cap election spending in municipal elections and to mandate full disclosure of all campaign contributions during municipal elections.

RITE Richmond has publicly disclosed all campaign contributions since the campaign launch on August 19.

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