RITE Richmond Announces Cultural Signs Task Force
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RITE Richmond Announces Cultural Signs Task Force

October 28, 2014

RICHMOND, BC – Nearly three weeks after announcing they would pass a motion to address the Sign Harmony issue in Richmond, RITE Richmond city council candidates Carol Day and Michael Wolfe announced that they will push to create a Cultural Signs Task Force, if elected to Richmond City Council on November 15.

The task force’s purpose is to educate businesses and business owners about the benefits of using English on their signs. Action items include showcasing suitable signage options, offering continued support and bringing in other community partners and associations into the process.

“Richmond is changing and the single-language, non-English signs has become a top issue for people of all ethnic backgrounds,” said Day. “I am not afraid to deal with this issue because it will make Richmond a better place to live for all.”

Day added that the media attention has been overwhelming as the initial RITE Richmond motion proposal was reported on in both local Richmond papers, as well as the National Post, CBC (French) and The Vancouver Province.

“As a professional educator, I am committed to using my training for public education,” said Wolfe. “Just as my students work in class/groups are able to work in harmony, Richmond’s cultural groups can learn the methods of best practices to welcome cooperation.”

Just five days after the initial RITE Richmond motion proposal, Richmond City Councillor Evelina Halsey-Brandt made a motion to instruct city staff to look into the legality of the issue.

“I am happy that Michael [Wolfe] and I drafted the motion earlier this month on this important issue,” added Day. “It makes me proud that the RITE Richmond team is already influencing the City Council’s actions and the election is still over two weeks away.”

Wolfe added “I’m known as Mr. Wolfe to our youth and if asked “What time is it Mr. Wolfe?”, I’d say its time for change! Education is the tool for Richmond to bring about change for cultural harmony.”

You can find the entire plan here.


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