RITE Richmond Announces Housing and Development Action Plan
housing and development in richmond bc

RITE Richmond Announces Housing and Development Action Plan

For Immediate Release

November 4, 2014

RICHMOND, B.C. – With more and more Richmond residents concerned about housing now and in the future, the RITE Richmond City Council team of Carol Day and Michael Wolfe announced their Housing and Development Action Plan on Tuesday.

“It’s time we get back to basics, and encourage builders to create homes that are affordable and allow for children of established Richmond families to stay in Richmond,” said Day.

The 13-step plan’s goal is to help create opportunities for Richmond residents to stay in Richmond, while respecting the look and feel of existing neighbourhoods. Included in the plan is a call to instruct City staff to investigate the viability of a Vacancy Tax on housing units that remain empty for 6 months or more. The plan also calls on staff to study the viability of a foreign ownership tax and how the City can lobby provincial and federal governments to also study this.

Among the steps listed in the plan are opportunities to work with developers to create more affordable housing units and more options to enhance neighbourhoods. The plan also empowers citizens to become more involved in the rezoning application process through communication, freedom of information requests and the option of down-zoning, as has been done in the Corporation of Delta.

“The people of Richmond should be able to live in their neighbourhoods and have a say in how that neighbourhood grows,” added Day. “We must respect the existing neighbourhoods and ensure quality of life is not negatively affected by change.”

You can find the full plan here.