RITE Richmond’s Day-Wolfe City Council Team Announces Motion To Address Chinese Sign Issue
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RITE Richmond’s Day-Wolfe City Council Team Announces Motion To Address Chinese Sign Issue

For Immediate Release

October 9, 2014

RICHMOND, BC – RITE Richmond’s City Council candidates Carol Day and Michael Wolfe announced today that if elected to Richmond City Council on November 15, they will submit the following motion to the Mayor and City Council to address the Chinese sign issue:

“Whereas the City of Richmond is a diverse city with 60% citizens of Asian descent, and
Whereas the city has seen an extreme increase in Chinese-only signs,
Be it resolved that staff study the implications, and recommend to council potential steps to address the issue.”

“The RITE Richmond team is committed to helping Richmond become a more inclusive city that welcomes everyone,” said Day. “So we are pledging that we will address the Chinese-only signs issue and work to implement a plan that will bring people of various ethnic backgrounds together.”

Day cited the successful policy at Aberdeen Centre that signage be at least 70% English. The mall states “With the mainstream population becoming more global, there is a significant opportunity for retailers to promote an East meets West approach.”

Added Day “This level of commitment could be a useful tool to the City of Richmond because it demonstrates a successful model for the City to follow.”

Last year, Richmond City Council struck down a citizen petition and proposal saying that signs should be two-thirds in English and one-third in another language. A motion was made to send the petition and proposal to city staff and that was struck down with an 8-1 vote.

“The real question is why would the Mayor and City Council be so reluctant to not even  commit to discussing the issue?” asked Day. “This is a prime example of City Council’s inability to be brave enough to tackle the tough problems we face. It’s time for change in Richmond and the RITE Richmond City Council team is ready to show real leadership on this important issue.”

Richmond will elect one Mayor, eight City Councillors and seven School Trustees on November 15.