Why I’m Running For School Trustee in Richmond, BC – Michael Starchuk
Richmond School District 38 - Board of Education Trustee

Why I’m Running For School Trustee in Richmond, BC – Michael Starchuk

A little about me and why I am running for School Trustee in Richmond, BC

I decided at a young age that there were two things I wanted out of my life. I want to have a positive influence on other people’s lives and to have fun while doing it.

I believe that nothing I have done has been given to me, rather, that through my work ethic I have earned it and will continue to work to earn what I get. Over the past 13 years, I have worked in an out of school care here in Richmond, learning the wants and needs of families within our community. Now those wants and needs have evolved over the years and I believe not for the better.

Life is changing and it’s up to US to ensure the change is positive

As the world gets smaller and more “connected” through advancements in technology, our society is programming our youth to demand instant gratification. The almighty dollar has become a measure of personal success and the greater your notoriety the happier you’ll be. Our youth make their way through life with blinders on only looking what is ahead, never looking behind them to see how they got there and not living in the present to appreciate where they are. Take a walk through a mall, down a busy street or around a school you will see them, the youth and adults for that matter moving around with no consideration for anyone except for themselves. This is how people become disinterested with their community and disengaged from involvement.

I want to be a voice for Richmond, BC

All is not lost together we can begin to turn down the right path, but it will take the work of many. My feelings are mine and mine alone, but I do believe that they do resonate with many people within this community and to be honest many other communities just like it.

Together WE can have an impact

I am running for school trustee in Richmond for the following reasons:

I love this city and the people in it that have made it so great. The citizens within Richmond deserve to have a voice on the Board of Education and I believe I can offer that. I will make decisions that are beneficial to all and I will be determined in seeking out public opinions. People need to feel that their opinions matter to feel engaged in the process and it will be my goal to get the community involved in education decisions for Richmond.

I believe schools are the heart of a vibrant positive community. With our neighbourhoods slowly disappearing or rapidly depending on whom you talk to, there is a greater need to connect the people within them before they are gone. How do we do that? One action I would like to see is our local businesses take on an active role in the education of our students. Bringing practical working skills to the classroom to help in the teaching of the curriculum, this would give the students a greater respect for the people outside of their “circle”. It would also build a positive relationship between schools, business and families within our community.

For ME my main reason for running is

I want to be a positive difference in the community that I am so very passionate about. Many friends of mine have referred to me as being born of the ditch which I take as a compliment. I want to see this community thriving for many years to come! The best way to achieve this is to ensure that the youth of Richmond have positive influences so that they can make conscience decisions that are beneficial to all.