Why I’m Running For Richmond City Council – Carol Day
Carol Day for Richmond City Council

Why I’m Running For Richmond City Council – Carol Day

2014  is an exciting year because I feel this is the year Richmond is ready for some exciting new ideas and new people on Richmond City Council. We live in a wonderful city and have much to be proud of but many citizens feel that we have lost touch with City Hall and that no one on Richmond City Council is listening to their concerns.

For almost 20 years, I have worked to protect my neighbourhood from developments that would have degraded Shellmont. Now I am hopeful I can take all that experience to use as a Richmond City Councillor and change the way things are done at Richmond City Council. Richmond is at a turning point and with positive energy, hard work and effective communication with the people of Richmond. We can make it better in every way.

In case you’re new to some of what I’ve done, here are some of the issues that I’ve taken the lead on and fought for or against.

Saving The Garden City Lands

Back in 2005, the Garden City lands were threatened by a development that would have seen half of the land developed with high rise apartments. Columnist Mary Gazelles invited me to join in on a meeting with what would become, the Garden City lands Conservation Society. I am so proud of what we accomplished. By educating people in the community and working for years to convince Richmond City Council,  the city of Richmond now owns the 136 acres with money that came from the sale of the Oval lands. What a legacy. I cannot drive by without smiling knowing the hard work we put in saved this precious parcel of land.

The Lingyen Mountain Temple Mega Expansion Attempts

Shellmont is my home and it has been a pleasure to rally my neighbours and work with the Lingyen Mountain Temple to try and make them understand that an expansion 6 times the size of the existing temple is just too big. 10 years and 4 proposals have taught me patience and perseverance. As I meet people in community, I love to help them realize that the average person can make a difference. I hope one day we have a temple expansion that is an example of cooperation and will be an asset to the neighbourhood.

The Fight Against Jet Fuel Tankers

When I learned about the 80 million litre jet fuel tank farm and marine terminal proposed by the VAFFC, I was in shock. I created VAPOR to stop this threat to Richmond and the Fraser River because someone had to do it. Uphill battles are always a challenge but we have celebrated our successes along the way. I am just an average citizen so not in a million years did I think I would be going to court to challenge the provincial government but that is where I am today. This experience has taught me so much about provincial, federal and city processes and for that I am grateful. This is the most important thing I will do in my life and the people I have met along the way have enriched my life and taught me so much.

Why Run For Richmond City Council?

So why do I want to be a City Councillor and why am I running for Richmond City Council? Because this city is my passion and I know I can be an effective and hard working councillor. It is time for changing of the guards. You can make a difference too, just get involved in something you have passion for and you won’t regret it.

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