About RITE Richmond 2018 Financial Disclosure

2018 Financial Disclosure


We will guarantee transparency by displaying our financial disclosure during the election. We challenge the other candidates and electoral groups to do the same. With RITE Richmond, you will not have to wait till 2019 to find out who we are and who supports us.

Election Spending

Should a political group be allowed to spend vast amounts of money during an election campaign? Business is an integral, essential and welcome com aspect of our society. Free market for business, as with freedom of the individual, is a corner stone of our democracy. Nonetheless, RITE Richmond. will not accept large financial contributions from corporations, or from businesses such as casinos. RITE Richmond is here to represent the people of RICHMOND, not special interest groups.

Previous years financial disclosures are available at the city web site: http://www.richmond.ca/cityhall/elections/results.htm?PageMode=HTML

Campaign Spending in Past Elections

Richmond First RITE
2008 $120,049.31 $18,052.25
2011 $113,040.18 $12,051.87

Also, in 2011, the campaign organizer, Richmond Choice, spent $22,502 on select candidates.

We ask you ,the VOTER is it right that a civic political group spend large amounts of money to win local city elections?

Our Commitment to you, the voter:

We will NOT accept large donations from corporations.

We will NOT try to BUY your vote.

We will remain unbiased if elected.

Our promise is to represent YOU the voter.

The RITE Richmond 2018 Municipal Election Challenge

An important part of understanding a candidate is knowing who are their financial backers.  Candidates are legally required to disclose this information only after the election, and this is too late for helping voters in their election choices.  With regards to campaign contributions, we challenge all civic groups in Richmond to disclose during the election, and in a timely fashion. Basically, by waiting until after the election to disclose finances, as far as this is helpful to the elector, it is like closing the barn door after the horses have escaped.

Pre-Election Campaign Contributions (Updated November 12, 2014)

Campaign Contributions
Chak Au $150.00
Kenny Chiu $150.00
Jonathan Ho $150.00
Carol Day $7,150.00
Rod Belleza $3,650.00
Norm Goldstein $3,650.00
Michael Wolfe $7,150.00
Michael Starchuk $3,000.00
Darren Mathison $100.00
Sean Sagar $100.00
Mark Heath $100.00
Louise Avent $100.00
Jerry and Roseanne Blair $500.00
Janice Blair $200.00
Sharon MacGougan $100.00
Starlet Lum $50.00
William Dunn $100.00
Penelope Dunn $100.00
PayPal Confirmation Deposit $0.85
Appetizer Buffet Fundraiser $915.00
Garage Sale Fundraiser $284.25
Account Balance Rebate $3.90
Membership Fees
5$ each X 57 = $285.00
Total $27,989.00