Voter Learning Centre

Voter Learning Centre

Welcome to our Voter Learning Centre. This useful, informative resource is intended to educate the average Richmond voter about how elections and municipal governments work. We believe that every vote cast in any election should be an informed one. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving you a place for neutral information – where you can learn the basics of government.

This is a place where you’ll be able to learn more about Richmond City Council and the Richmond Board of Education. On those pages, you’ll be able to learn how each functions, what their respective purposes are and more.

An informed vote requires unbiased, impartial information to educate the voter. Our goal with the Voter Learning Centre is to educate you, the voter on how municipal governments work. Voting in municipal elections is important and we feel that an informed vote is more valuable to the community than an uninformed one. Take a read through and tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Municipal Elections In Richmond, BC

How do municipal elections work? Who can vote? What do you need in order to vote? Get all this information and more in our Municipal Elections 101 section.

The Responsibilities of Municipal Governments

What are municipal governments responsible for? How does Richmond City Hall work? Learn about it all in the municipal governments section of our Voter Learning Centre.

Richmond City Council

What does Richmond City Council do? What are they responsible for? When do they meet? Learn about Richmond City Council here.

Richmond Board of Education

What does the Richmond Board of Education do? What are the various sub-committees? Learn about the Board of Education here in our Voter Learning Centre.

Campaign Financing

What defines a campaign contribution? What are the basic campaign financing requirements for campaigns? You deserve to know the basics of campaign financing. Learn about them here.