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Laura Gillanders

Laura Gillanders

Laura Gillanders is a well-known advocate for saving farmland. She played a key leadership role in listening to the many Richmond residents concerned about food security and valuing their ideas and solutions. She championed their cause as the spokesperson for Richmond FarmWatch, the grassroots group that helped stop the proliferation of non-farming mega mansions on protected agricultural lands.

Laura has been a tireless volunteer for advancing community causes including housing for all and helping to save Richmond schools from closure.

As a chief financial officer for 15 years, over 20 years accounting in the local construction industry, and running her own small company, Laura understands businesses – large and small, and the impact they have on the local economy.

Laura’s priorities are healthy, thriving communities through affordable and market rental housing, support for mental health, biodiversity, and economic policies that boldly address the climate crisis.

She understands how to build community with constituents and explain to policy makers how decisions affect working families and business.

Laura is running for Richmond City Council with RITE Richmond. Laura is known for her inclusive and collaborative decision-making process serving as chairperson of the City of Richmond Food Security and Agricultural Advisory Committee.

Why am I running?
As a long-time renter in Richmond with four children who will also need their own places, I truly understand the challenges renters, families and young people are facing. I’m concerned as I continue to watch well-connected status quo councillors approving the same high-end projects that contribute to renter displacement and unaffordability. As a Richmond city councillor, I will work for all Richmond residents, listen to what is important in the community, put forward solutions, and make decisions in their interest that best benefit businesses (whose employees need affordable housing), families, those with low incomes, and the environment.

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— Laura Gillanders Quotes for Platform items —


“For years we’ve seen unbridled development that has appeared to benefit investors more than local residents. We need to encourage renovations and affordable rental suites, more city land set aside for affordable housing and co-ops, and large scale purpose-built rental projects.”

“From wild fires to flooding to heat domes, cyclones and other extreme weather, we’ve all experienced the climate emergency and the very real impact it’s having on our lives. From loss of life to hardships for farmers, there are difficult times ahead. Action taken locally to be sustainable at the municipal level is the best way to make a real impact and it spreads to the world around us.”

“The city’s automatic one per cent additional tax above and beyond what the budget requires should be reconsidered. With inflation the highest it’s been in decades, gas prices and skyrocketing rents, Richmond residents need a fair and justifiable tax rate.”