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Carol Day

Carol Day

Carol Day has served as a Richmond councillor for seven years and was a school trustee for three years. 

Known for making Richmond a better place, Carol has brought a new approach to council, listening to Richmond residents’ concerns and tirelessly seeking solutions to key issues.

Her top priority is finding ways of making home ownership and rental housing more affordable for working families. This includes advocating for revised zoning bylaws to allow for gentle density that enhances neighbourhoods while respecting unique character.

Carol currently serves on the Planning Committee, the Community Safety Committee, as liaison to the Steveston Harbour Authority Board, Childcare committee, Seniors Advisory committee, East Richmond Community Centre Association and the Richmond Art Gallery committee.

She is committed to protecting Richmond’s environment and her volunteer efforts for 30 years have made her a household name. As chair of VAPOR, she worked to stop the YVR jet fuel pipeline, marine terminal and 80-million-liter tank farm, a major risk to the Fraser River. She also worked to save the Garden City Lands.

She understands business having owned a sign company in Richmond for 43 years and she’s voted against unnecessary tax increases.

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— Carol Day Quotes for Platform items —

Climate Action and Emergency preparedness:

“Councillor Michael Wolfe and I voted to fast track to dike upgrades from a 100-year plan to a 50-year plan at no additional tax, because without the dike there would be no Richmond. Educate the public on how to prepare for a climate action generated emergency.”
Housing Crisis:

“People need affordable options for buying or renting a home so we must scrutinize every opportunity to maximize the benefits to our citizens. Put the needs of our community before the needs of the developer, build what we need not what they want.”

“Maximize the talents of our staff and encourage all levels to come forward with new initiatives that save tax dollars. Explain the tax process to the citizens in language they can understand earlier in the budget process to invite more consultation.”