About RITE Richmond

About RITE Richmond

The City of Richmond is the fourth largest city in British Columbia and has a diverse population, a urban amenities, a river estuary, fertile agricultural lands, and a city where residents can live, work, and explore the natural beauty of this unique island. Our vision at RITE Richmond is to protect our farmland, the environment, improve civic infrastructure, affordable housing, and work for a vibrant community network. We believe in transparency, accountability, and action.

The City of Richmond has over (76.3%) of Richmond’s population identified as a visible minority. We need to ensure all Richmond residents are heard and that their needs are addressed. We want to improve neighbourhood consultations so it’s easy for residents and community organizations to share their perspectives. We want to bring the community together, and we will do this together.

RITE Richmond is a grassroots organization of local residents dedicated to creating an affordable, transparent, inclusive, and thriving city. Currently on Richmond City Council we have Councillor Carol Day and Councillor Michael Wolfe. We want more people to engage in local politics, and to see more youth voices represented. Everyone deserves to be heard. We will ensure we have democracy for the whole community and this is evident in all decisions. Richmond Independent Team of Electors (RITE) is committed to working for change in Richmond, BC.

On Oct 15, 2022 re-elect Councilor Carol Day and Councilor Michael Wolfe! Check out our voting record here.

It’s Time For Change In Richmond, BC

The current City Council has lost it’s way on a whole host of issues. Voter turnout in each successive municipal election here in Richmond sinks to a new low – because there’s a lack of trust in the majority of our elected officials. It’s clear that there needs to be change in Richmond. From lack of public consultation, to the industrialization of the Fraser River, to the constant lack of respect for Agricultural Land Reserve, Richmond City Council has gotten it wrong time and time again – and RITE Richmond will bring change. If we keep elected the same status quo City Councillors, we will not achieve the desperate change Richmond needs.

Richmond had a population of 198,309 in the 2016 census, and of this 132,819 were estimated to be eligible voters, according to CivicInfoBC data. In the 2018 election, a total of 45,873 ballots were cast in the city, representing 35 per cent of all eligible voters.

Commitment To Campaign Transparency In Richmond, BC

We are taking our previous financial commitment a step further by being the first civic party in the history of Richmond to declare their financial contributions during the election. This new policy will allow a voter to see before they vote how RITE Richmond receives its funding. RITE Richmond will also provide to the public the financial disclosures of the other civic parties and independents from the previous elections. You can view those here.

Our commitment is to help create a open and transparent electoral process in Richmond and we hope the other parties and independents will be joining our resolve to make Richmond, BC the Best City in Canada to cast a vote and thereby, increase voter turnout.