About RITE Richmond

About RITE Richmond

In 2014, RITE becomes the new and improved RITE Richmond. We hear what the people of Richmond, BC are saying. It’s clear that there’s a desire for change on Richmond City Council and Board of Education.

It’s Time For Change In Richmond, BC

The current City Council has lost it’s way on a whole host of issues. Voter turnout in each successive municipal election here in Richmond sinks to a new low – because there’s a lack of trust in the majority of our elected officials. It’s clear that there needs to be change in Richmond. From lack of public consultation, to the industrialization of the Fraser River, to the constant lack of respect for Agricultural Land Reserve, Richmond City Council has gotten it wrong time and time again – and RITE Richmond will bring change.

Commitment To Campaign Transparency In Richmond, BC

We are taking our previous financial commitment a step further by being the first civic party in the history of Richmond to declare their financial contributions during the election. This new policy will allow a voter to see before they vote how RITE Richmond receives its funding. RITE Richmond will also provide to the public the financial disclosures of the other civic parties and independents from the previous elections. You can view those here.

Our commitment is to help create a open and transparent electoral process in Richmond and we hope the other parties and independents will be joining our resolve to make Richmond, BC the Best City in Canada to cast a vote and thereby, increase voter turnout.