About RITE Richmond History of RITE In Richmond, BC

History of RITE In Richmond, BC

RITE Richmond in 2011

The Beginnings Of RITE

The Richmond Independent Team of Electors (RITE) began with a group of committed people. One of them was Otto Langer, a long time supporter helped to make our new party a success. When Sue Halsey Brandt made a decision to run for Richmond City council and RITE grew to both School board and City Council candidates. As RITE expanded it attracted more candidates and ran slates of up to 8 candidates.

RITE’s Variety Of Voices

The RITE Team was always about freedom of choice and  it was not unusual for team members to vote on opposite sides of any given issue. The mandate for each elected RITE member has always been to vote your heart after researching issues with the public. We embrace each other’s differences in experience and perspectives and see this as a strength in building an inclusive community. RITE Richmond candidates are selected because of their commitment to run as independent candidates and to never allow special interest groups to control the group. We want to build diverse and equitable communities in Richmond and this is why we need diversity of voices representing RITE Richmond.

RITE Richmond’s Commitment To Ethics

Financially, RITE has always maintained a strict code of ethics and has not accepted large donations from corporations. RITE has maintained the ability to be the ” Voice of the People” even though that has required running lean and thrifty campaigns. The RITE team has always been proud to have achieved good results even though opposing electoral groups often spend over 10 times the funds on their campaigns

RITE Richmond’s 2018 success

The coalition of RITE Richmond and Richmond Citizen Association took four out of the eight seats on City Council in the 2018 election. RCA (Kelly Greene and Harold Steeves) and RITE (Michael Wolfe and Carol Day), a collaborative approach created incredible success. Carol Day was re-elected to Richmond City Council, Carol Day tops the polls with record breaking 20,871 votes ! Michael Wolfe Elected with 13,3627 votes! In the 2020 provincial election, Henry Yao and Kelly Greene were elected as MLA’s. Kelly Greene for Richmond-Steveston and Henry Yao was elected as MLA Richmond Centre.