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Jerome Dickey

Jerome Dickey

Jerome Dickey is a forward-thinking community advocate, committed to a new kind of leadership at city hall – a leadership that includes listening to and engaging with Richmond residents to fully understand their concerns and issues.

Jerome is running on a progressive, centrist platform. His top priority is finding ways to make market and rental housing more affordable, and his solutions include utilizing smart growth principles to balance zoning bylaw updates with neighbourhood character considerations. His other priorities enhanced community safety, climate change adaptation, and fair taxation.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, Jerome understands the needs of business and how city policies including taxation effect commerce. If elected, he will work with business on practical solutions.

Jerome is a qualified mediator, experienced in dealing with conflicting perspectives to reach agreement in solving challenging problems. He has served on both sides of the table – in leadership/management roles and in union roles.

A long-time Richmond resident, Jerome has been an active volunteer with the city’s emergency programs, where he led a team involved in assisting families facing personal disasters.

Jerome has a master’s degree in leadership, a business degree, and a certificate in emergency management.

Why am I running for City Council?
Jerome is seeking the job of Richmond City Councilor to bring professional leadership, independent thinking, and innovative solutions to building a future that serves all residents regardless of background or wealth. When we work together, our community challenges, including equitable housing options, enhanced community safety, climate change adaptation, improved governance and accountability, fair taxation, and strengthening local business growth are achievable.

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— Jerome Dickey Quotes for Platform items —

Climate Action and Emergency Management:

“Climate change is here now. We must continue to work together to address the emerging risks. It will be local governments that implement key changes to protect our communities and prepare residents. New thinking and collaboration with residents and community stakeholders is essential and Richmond to be the model to lead other cities forward.”
Housing Crisis:

“We have an opportunity to create the city of the future where innovative housing options provide something for everyone. It’s time to move beyond houses and condos to meet the needs of a more diverse community. The status quo not does have to be our future.”

“Every dollar collected in taxes from residents must be justified annually to residents of Richmond. Collecting more than is necessary to provide essential and community services is irresponsible and too often becomes habitual.”